Туры по Байкалу: Летний туризм

Baikal — is the deepest and cleanest lake in the world. Age lake about 25-35 million years.

The area of the lake is about 31,722 km². Just imagine that Baikal is the area of Belgium, three of Jamaicas or 12 Luxemburgs. Due to its size, purity and nature, many tourists come to Lake Baikal. Summer season on Baikal begins in early June and ends in early September and is considered as the most popular season. The average temperature of the water in Lake Baikal 20 ° C. In the bays, it can warm up to 26 ° C. The optimal period of rest on Baikal is 7 days (Classic Baikal, East and West Baikal, Baikal Landscapes). However, if you have a limited time, do not worry, because even one day on Lake Baikal can be nothing comparable with.

Байкал Байкал

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