Туры по Байкалу: Зимний туризм

Winter Baikal


Winter on the Lake Baikal is a special period of time which begins in December and finishes in April. There is no lake in the world that can boast such a crystal ice, that it seems that you can see bottom of the lake. Baikal begins to freeze in January and reaches its maximum thickness (about 1 m.) at the end of February. All movements take place on Lake Baikal using hovercraft till January,. Since February you can observe, you can take a walk on the ice, rocks and caves, which can not be reached in the summer because of the waves. On Baikal you can see huge hummocks, natural ice sculptures. Winter Baikal is a beautiful condition of the lake so many adventures, unforgettable emotions and pictures waiting for you in the winter on Baikal.


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